Module Naboris.Req

Module for working with incoming requests.

type 'sessionData t
val reqd : 'sessionData t -> Httpaf.Reqd.t

Get HttpAf request descriptor.

val getHeader : string -> 'sessionData t -> string option

Get header from request. None if no matching header is found.

val getBody : 'sessionData t -> string Lwt.t

Get lwt promise of the body string from an http request.

val getSessionData : 'sessionData t -> 'sessionData option

Extracts 'sessionData from request.

Returns None if no session exists.

val setSessionData : 'sessionData Session.t option -> 'sessionData t -> 'sessionData t

Sets 'sessionData onto a request.

val fromReqd : Httpaf.Reqd.t -> 'sessionData SessionConfig.t option -> 'sessionData t

Intended for internal use. Creates default req record.

val sidKey : 'sessionData t -> string

Get key for session id cookie

val maxAge : 'sessionData t -> int

Get max age for session id cookies (in seconds)