naboris 0.1.3

Simple http server built for OCaml and ReasonML.

Still Pre-alpha!

Thanks for checking out naboris! It is important to keep in mind that naboris is still in early stages of development. No formal or real-world testing has yet been done! However, please feel free to install naboris and report any bugs or feature requests. The library is constantly pushing toward a more hardened and full-featured 1.0.0 release.
1$ git clone
2$ npm run install
3$ npm run build
4$ npm run start

🍰 Simple

naboris makes it easy to get an http server up and running. Handle requests with only a few lines of code. The naboris API tries to stay out of your way.

🖥 Web Apps

Serve static files with the greatest of ease. Deliver dynamic content to your hearts content. Mightily manage your users sessions.

🏗 Extensible

Using a lightweight API and following a middleware pattern makes it easy to create tools and libraries for use with naboris. Add middleware for protecting certain endpoints from unauthorized users, encode/decode request data, verify request headers, request/response logging, you name it!

🐫 OCaml/ReasonML

Multi-paradigm goodness: functional, imperative, and object-oriented, oh my!

Program correctness: find and squash bugs fast!

Beautiful type system: expressive types make writing flexible and readable code a breeze.

Blazing fast compile times: stop waiting on code to build!


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naboris source code is licensed MIT.
It can be used, copied, and modified free of charge. However, the software is provided "as is" without any warranties. Click the link above for more information.