During the time of this writing naboris has not been tested on Windows.


How to install naboris.

# Requirements

  • OCaml - >= 4.07.1
  • Lwt - >= 5.1.1
Optional requirements

Naboris makes heavy use of Lwt promises. For best performance it is recommended (per the Lwt documentation) to install libev and use the conf-libev opam package. Read more about it below.

# Scaffolding

For an easy way to get a server up and running there are scaffolding projects available on GitHub. These projects use esy to sandbox opam and build. This means node.js is required to run these projects as is.


1$ git clone git@github.com:shawn-mcginty/naboris-ml-scaffold.git
2$ npm run install
3$ npm run build
4$ npm run start


1$ git clone git@github.com:shawn-mcginty/naboris-re-scaffold.git
2$ npm run install
3$ npm run build
4$ npm run start

# Opam

naboris is available on opam

1$ opam install naboris

# Dune

1(libraries naboris)

# Esy

1  "dependencies": {
2    "@opam/naboris": "*",
3  }

If you're using esy please read the libev section.

# Libev

It is highly recommended to install libev and use the conf-libev opam package which will configure lwt to run using the libev scheduler.

libev can most likely be installed using your package manager.

e.g. homebrew

1$ brew install libev

e.g. apt

1$ sudo apt-get update
2$ sudo apt-get install libev-dev

Check out the libev homepage for more info.

conf-libev can be installed via opam


1$ opam install conf-libev

If you use esy for sandboxing you'll have to use a special resolution:

1  "resolutions": {
2    "@opam/conf-libev": "esy-packages/libev:package.json#0b5eb66"
3  }

Notes about esy custom resolution: This is pegged to a specific commit. At the time of this writing the commit listed above worked great. You may need to check the GitHub repo and switch to a fresher commit.

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naboris source code is licensed MIT.
It can be used, copied, and modified free of charge. However, the software is provided "as is" without any warranties. Click the link above for more information.