Static Files

naboris provides some helpers to make serving static files easy.

# Middleware

Naboris.ServerConfig has a sweet helper function to create a middleware which will map incoming requests to a local directory.

2 Creates a virtual path prefix [list(string)] and maps it to a local directory [string].
4 Middlewares are executed in the order they are added.  The final "middleware" is the [requestHandler].
5 */
6let addStaticMiddleware: (list(string), string, t('sessionData)) => t('sessionData);
2 Creates a virtual path prefix [string list] and maps it to a local directory [string].
4 Middlewares are executed in the order they are added.  The final "middleware" is the [requestHandler].
6val addStaticMiddleware: string list -> string -> 'sessionData t -> 'sessionData t
  • list(string) - Will match against the Route.path of each incoming request.
  • string - Path to a local directory which will have the rest of the path applied to.
  • t - Current Naboris.ServerConfig.

The rest of the incoming request will be applied to the local path e.g. given inputs ["static"], "/path/to/public" a request for /static/images/logo.png would map to /path/to/public/images/logo.png.

1let serverConfig = Naboris.ServerConfig.create()
2  |> Naboris.ServerConfig.addStaticMiddleware(["static"], Sys.getcwd("cur__root") ++ "/public/");
1let server_config = Naboris.ServerConfig.create ()
2  |> Naboris.ServerConfig.addStaticMiddleware
3    ["static"]
4    (Sys.getcwd () ^ "/public/") in

# Routing

For more fine grained control over serving static files there is also a helper function Res.static. The inputs are the same as the above middleware helper function.

1let publicDir = Sys.getcwd() ++ "/public/";
2let serverConfig = Naboris.ServerConfig.create()
3  |> Naboris.ServerConfig.setRequestHandler((route, req, res) => {
4    switch (Naboris.Route.meth(route), Naboris.Route.path(route)) {
5      | _ =>
6          Naboris.Res.status(404, res)
7          |> Naboris.Res.static(publicDir, ["not_found.html"], req);
8    }
9  });
1let public_dir = Sys.getcwd () ^ "/public/" in
2let server_config = Naboris.ServerConfig.create ()
3  |> Naboris.ServerConfig.setRequestHandler(fun route req res ->
4    match (Naboris.Route.meth route, Naboris.Route.path route) with
5      | _ ->
6        Naboris.Res.status 404 res
7          |> Naboris.Res.static
8            public_dir
9            ["not_found.html"]
10            req) in
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